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In grandparent DNA testing, the genetic material of two or more people is compared to determine if they are related to the tested child.

Paternity can be established indirectly by comparing a grandparent's DNA with that of a possible grandchild. Additionally, this method is very helpful when the alleged biological father is unavailable or unwilling to perform a DNA test.

If the alleged father is unavailable, it would be wise to use both grandparents to fill in the blanks. One grandparent can be used when both grandparents are unavailable. Additionally, it is helpful to include the mother of the child (FREE) to help increase the accuracy of the results.

When will I receive my Grandparent DNA Test results?

Results of this type of test are completed with 3 business days from the date on which the lab receives all genetic samples. Upon the completion of your DNA results, A copy will be mailed out to your home and a copy will be emailed to you.

What type of samples will be collected for my DNA test?

The most commonly used samples are the cotton swab samples. Blood samples can be used as an alternative. Please note, blood samples are not more accurate than buccal swab samples. The difference between the two collection options is, swabs do inflict pain whereas the blood option requires the use of a needle.

How accurate is grandparent DNA testing?

We all get half of our DNA from our mothers and half from our fathers. After obtaining DNA samples from both of the alleged father's parents (the paternal grandparents), we are then able to establish Grandparentage with the same degree of accuracy as paternity.

A grandchild inherits about 25% of his or her genetic makeup from a grandparent and 50% from each biological parent. Please note, the participants who perform this DNA test will be tested on 24 genetic markers.

How much DNA do great grandparents and grandchild share?

The quick answer is that the odds are pretty close to 100% that you have DNA from your great, great, great grandparent. This might seem weird to some people who are familiar with the way DNA is passed on. Chromosomes are large pieces of DNA that are passed from generation to generation.

Half of each parent's chromosomes are passed on to their children every generation. It is estimated that there would be about a 1 in 8 chance that you wouldn't inherit DNA from a great, great, great grandparent if the chromosomes were untouched between generations.

However, most people don't realize that before they pass on their chromosomes, they are mixed up and matched. Almost certainly, your great, great, great grandparents' DNA will still reside in you due to this "recombination".

Can Grandparent DNA Testing be used for legal reasons?

Yes. A grandparent test can be used for legal purposes. Oftentimes, this type of test is performed for legal purposes when a biological father of a child is deceased and the child needs to prove he or she is biologically related to their father for Social Security.

In order to perform a legal test, a chain of custody has to be established. In addition, only labs that are accredited by the AABB are recognized by the courts, immigration offices like USCIS or U.S. Embassies as well as Social Security.

Unlike performing a peace of mind Grandparent DNA Test. A third-party DNA sample collector must be involved with the DNA sample collection process. Unfortunately, Home DNA Tests do not adhere to the guidelines of establishing a legal chain of custody. Please note, all legal DNA Testing services we provide are under the strict supervision of our partner AABB Accredited Parentage Laboratory.

Home Grandparentage DNA Test Kit

The testing option allows you to self collect your DNA samples in the comfort of your home. How the process works is as such, Call our office at 866-269-2516 to order your Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit.

Upon the completion of your order. Please allow up to 24 hours for our shipping and processing department to ship your DNA test kit.

Once your DNA test kit is ready to ship. We will email to confirm the shipment and you will be provided with the tracking details for your records.

Home DNA Kit Contents:

Upon receipt of your Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit. Please follow the enclosed instructions on how to collect your samples. Complete the chain of custody form, collect your samples, and then place all of the contents inside of the prepaid return shipping envelope.

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